New to leading product? 

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Product Leadership coaching

For interim or first-time product leaders, it can be daunting to fulfill everyone's needs.  I'll partner with you to:

  • align teams around goals

  • align leaders around strategy

  • empower teams with knowledge, process to decide what to build next.


Coach and lift teams

After an assessment of team skills, relationships and practices, I'll partner with you to:

  • create and implement individual professional development plans

  • remove impediments to speedy value creation

  • recognize and celebrate desired behaviors

bec0me part of the team

In fast growing companies, frequently the product team has its fair share of inexperienced product managers.  The trial and error approach leads to wasted development, customer disruption and is the slowest, most expensive way to learn.  I'll bring experience and objective rigor to the discovery and decision-making process to quickly advance meaningful product innovation.


inject customer insights

If your team has strayed from continuous customer discovery or fear your roadmap is driven more by "the business" than what matters to customers, I'll recenter your product and leadership teams on:

  • who your users vs buyers are

  • why and how they use your product

  • whether anything you're planning to build matters

  • what opportunities exist for you to remove their pain and increase their delight


meaningful metrics

Nothing worries me more than a team without clear, meaningful goals.  A team empowered with a goal that drives their company's financial success by enabling their customers' success is the foundation to a high-performing product team.  If your product team is thrashing due to frequently changing goals, I'll work with you to identify and instrument the metrics that will fuel your team's decisions.


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