Heather Gardner, Sr Director Product Management, Workday

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your ever-present ability to bring clarity and calm to my world! I cannot tell you how impactful my work with you has been on my overall outlook and confidence as a product leader.

Your ability to take the most complicated, messy scenarios and create a simple, easy to follow plan is a superpower in its own right. I feel very blessed to have found you as a coach and friend, and owe my ability to persevere and embrace many changes and unknowns in my role to your outstanding product leadership and coaching skills.”

—Heather Gardner, Sr Director Product Management, Workday

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Hope Gurion
Einat Freidzon, Head of Product, Augury

“As a new Head of Product, I was struggling to move my team from being very inbound facing to be far more customer facing. Hope was instrumental in bringing Product Discovery Best Known Methods down to earth and translating them into actionable and achievable steps the team acted upon.

As a result, our discovery quality became much higher and drove consistently higher impact than before. 

Every product leader should have a support buddy/shoulder  to cry on to get through the tough times. Hope was great in keeping my spirits up, always ready with actionable advice and resources to tap into.”

—Einat Freidzon, Head of Product, Augury

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Hope Gurion
Nick Lala, VP of Product, Teamworks

“As a former design leader now leading product at a scaling startup, I was facing a mismatch in expectations with my leadership team.

Hope helped us align around measures for success, expectations, and gave me some practical techniques to tackle some of our short-term problems.

I'd recommend Hope to any new product leader looking to quickly get their leadership team on the same page about how product could and should be working within their organization." 

—Nick Lala, VP of Product, Teamworks

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Hope Gurion
Alex Kurilin, Co-Founder / CTO at Freckle Education

"I was fortunate to be connected with Hope during my transition from a CTO role at Freckle Education to that of the company's interim product leader.

As a career engineering leader, I needed a fast and reliable way of getting trained on the latest industry best practices in the product management craft. I needed my most pressing, company-changing questions answered in a way that was intuitive to someone from a technical background, and that would lead to the optimal business outcome for the organization.

Hope was the right coach for the job, cutting through the BS, helping me prioritize the highest impact initiatives and process changes, helping me guide my own teams towards becoming a discovery-driven, data-centric, lean, customer-centric product powerhouse."

—Alex Kurilin, Co-Founder / CTO at Freckle Education

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Hope Gurion