Fearless Product Leadership

Is your product team fearless?

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Why Fearless?

Fearless product people are uncompromisingly truth-seeking. They understand the barriers to success for their customers and companies. They think broadly about possible solutions. Each option becomes a hypothesis. They ask, "What must be true for this solution to succeed?" They focus on gathering evidence and expose risky assumptions.


They are not project managers in product managers' clothing.


They are fearless because they are confident in the evidence that supports their choices. They are fearless because they are transparent with their partners.  They hold themselves accountable to outcomes. They aren't afraid to make hard choices with imperfect information. They act quickly, learn leanly and course-correct as needed.


This is what fearless product management is. Anything less is scary.

What's scaring you?

My clients come to me with a variety of fears to tackle to accelerate their success.  Some examples include:

"Our product team spends no time with customers.  What if our roadmap is heading in the wrong direction?" - CEO, Enterprise SaaS start-up

"We just acquired another company.  How do we ensure our integrated product strategy will yield a return justifying our investment thesis?" - CPO, Enterprise SaaS growth company

"I don't know why we have low conversion rates on our eCommerce website.  How can I achieve some quick wins?" - new CMO at online education company

"We are seeing low adoption of our newly-developed features and aren't sure why." - VP Product, Enterprise Saas company

"I need to quickly improve retention, but I'm not sure where to start and my product team doesn't seem to be making an impact.  Can you help?" - COO, B2C Fitness subscription app

What's keeping you up at night?  Let's chat.